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If you have a product to sell, what better medium could there possibly be than the internet. Millions of potential customers and a golden opportunity to increase your sales.

In the 21st century, you must be online, or you will loose out to your competitors. 'The internet will account for one in every five pounds of British retail spending by 2020' - Reuters Dec. 2009 .

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Alpha Websites can provide a simple to use shopping cart that will provide an effective online shop or gallery. Many e-commerce websites are handicapped by the complex nature of the code used to construct them. This can result in two things.

  • Firstly, the site has to be built using the shopping cart software which is often cumbersome and time consuming, thus resulting in large setting up costs and inflexible design. This in turn, may not result in the exact layout or visual image required.
  • Secondly, because of the complex nature and quantity of the code required by many shopping carts, the website content (especially headings and text) are 'watered down' and subsequently the web pages under perform in the search engine results.

E Commerce Website Solutions · Devon

Our shopping carts - Your website can be easily and effectively be transformed with a few simple lines of code, unobtrusive and very search engine friendly. The design can be exactly as you wish, or the cart function can be added to your existing website. Simple and effective.

Prices for the start from as little as £75.00 per annum (this does not include for integration into your website or setting up the shopping cart). You can take online payments even if you do not currently offer debit or credit cards.

Example: Antique Maps Online - 500+ products, selling worldwide.

E-commerce design website to shopping cart Shopping cart Back to website Back to website after payment
Unobtrusive code places a button next the product.   Customer is taken to the shopping cart hosted on a secure server.   After payment, customer is returned to your website.

Call 01548 830872 or email for advice.

Latest News

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June 2014 - Ecommerce website for Mackgill's Delicatessen - Local South Devon Food

April 2014- New ecommerce website for Artisan Homes - Hand Made Furniture from Devon


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