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SpeedBase Shed Bases

Shed Bases - Unique Design for Shed Foundations from SpeedBase. British designed and manufactured solution for affordable and easy to constuct shed bases.

Say good bye to time consuming and ugly concrete bases. Assemble in less than one hour and can easily be used on a sloping site.

Simple to remove and change position, lengthens the life of a shed.

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Shed Bases - Unique British Design for Shed Foundations from SpeedBase

Mackgill's Delicatessen

An ecommerce website showcasing fine food and hampers from South Devon

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Mackgills Deli website

Artisan Homes

An ecommerce website showcasing an exciting range of hand made furniture and home accessories.

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Handmade tables from Devon

Smart Phone or Tablet ?

For the first time tablet use, 8% has surpassed smart phone browsing 7%. UK users have adopted tablets most rapidly, while China and Japan still prefer their smart phones. Tablets, have of course only been available for around 3 years.

Time to catch up?! How about having a mobile friendly website designed. This can be done from as little as £5.00 per month plus initial design costs. Call 01548 830872 for advice or

Smartphones or Tablets

Affordable Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Sell products, services, take bookings and rent accommodation. Roman Cart has been extensively used by Alpha Websites because:

1) It is very affordable.

2) Easy to integrate with any website

3) Simple effective and search engine friendly. Some shopping carts are not!

Is the Iphone 4 compatible with 4G?

The conveniently named Iphone 4 has caused some confusion regarding its compatibility the the forthcoming, fourth generation, 4G mobile phone network.

This superfast, new network is not due to be rolled out until the latter part of 2013 in the UK, and will give mobile users download speeds approaching 1Gb/sec.

In short, even the latest version of the Iphone, the 4S, can only achieve download speeds of about 14Mb/sec, around 8 times slower than 4G. This is because the Iphone4 operates on the 3G network and will require a chip upgrade to utilize 4G.

With around a year to wait for 4G accessibility in the UK, mobile phones will inevitably change dramatically, maybe the Iphone 5 will be 4G compatible but the Iphone 4 is not!

There are several 4G compatible phones already on the market thanks to Samsung, Motorola and HTC but you won't be able to benefit from 4G for some time yet.

Iphone 4

When is 4G arriving in the UK?

Bidding for the 4G allocations is not due to start until the beginning of 2013.

Here is part of Ofcom's press statement released 24th July 2012:

'Ofcom unveils plans for 4G auction of the airwaves.

The largest ever auction of spectrum for mobile services in the UK is set to get under way by the end of 2012, Ofcom announced today, laying the path for next-generation 4G networks to be rolled out next year.

The plans should see mobile broadband rolled out to at least 98% of people in villages, towns and cities across the UK. This will be achieved through 4G, the fourth generation of mobile technology, which will deliver much faster mobile data speeds to phones and other wireless devices than presently possible.

Ofcom has confirmed its decisions on the auction, including measures that will see next-generation mobile broadband become available to nearly everyone in the UK, creating substantial benefits for citizens and consumers.

Ed Richards, Ofcom Chief Executive, said: “The 4G auction has been designed to deliver the maximum possible benefit to consumers and citizens across the UK." '

What happens next?

'Ofcom expects the auction process to start before the end of this year, with prospective bidders required formally to apply to take part. Those applications will then be assessed by Ofcom before the bidding phase starts, likely to be in early 2013.

Mobile operators are expected to start rolling out 4G networks using the auctioned spectrum from the middle of 2013, and to start offering 4G services to consumers later that year.'

HTC 4G phone

Samsung 4G phone
Samsung Infuse 4G


What is 4G ?

4G, fourth-generation wireless, is a type of technology that can be used with mobile phones, wireless computers, and other mobile devices.

4G networks, also called LTE Advanced or Mobile WiMAX networks, are next-generation wireless networks used by mobile phone companies to transmit calls and data to mobile phones.

4G will give users faster access to the Internet than most previous third-generation (3G) networks can offer, and it also offers new user options such as the ability to access high-definition (HD) video, high-quality voice, and high-data-rate wireless channels via mobile devices.
4G network speeds: up to 1 GBit/second download; 500 Mbits/second upload
3G network speeds: up to 14.4 Mbits/second download; 5.8 Mbit/second upload.

What are the potential advantages?

Much greater speeds presents the possibility to download HD video as well as much more effective live streaming, which may change the way companies and business individuals communicate. ie: Video conferencing will be more attainable form a mobile device, tablet, smartphone or laptop with a dongle.

Mobile laptop speed set to increase with 4G
Mobile laptop speeds to drastically improve with 4G

Ipad and other tablets for 4G

$4G phone from Motorola

May 2012
Website Design:
Pickles of Modbury

'Pickles is everyone’s favourite independent homeware and hardware shop in the South Hams. Whether it’s for the kitchen or the garden, you’ll find exactly what you need – from paint to pest control, clothes airers to cast iron cookware, we have got it covered'

View website

Website Design and SEO for Pickle Hardware Modbury

May 2012
Ecommerce and SEO:
Hacks Country

An extensive Equestrian Supplies ecommerce website and seo project

'For all your equestrian supplies, country clothing, horse riding equipment and shooting accessories, Hacks Horse and Country Kit Stores have the solution.'

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Ecommerce website and search engine optimization for Hacks Country

February 2012
Website Re-Design
Devonshire Fine Art

Show casing picture framing in Devon as well as picture frame restoration this traditional business offers a high quality service which includes wash line mounts, antique picture frames and bespoke mirrors.

Combining a classic look with modern elements.

Picture Framing in Devon

October 2011
Devon Life
Editorial Feature

Antique Fine Art website has recently been featured in the October issue of Devon Life magazine.

In the Art and Collectibles section, Margaret Powling pens the feature entitled 'Strokes of Genius'.

'Not all all artists lived in garrets... some became famous in their own lifetime as Margaret Powling discovers.'

Margaret goes on to illustrate the point by giving the examples of successful Devon artists including Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Luny, William Widgery and Frederick John Widgery.

'William (born 1822), and his younger son Frederick John (born 1861) are two of the best exponents of landscape and seascape painting in the Westcountry'....

Antique fine Art Website editorial in Devon Life Devon Life article

Antique fine Art website feature

August 2011
Classic Boat Feature

Antique Maps Online website is showcased in Classic Boat magazine August 2011. Featured in the section, ' Objects of Desire' , an 18th century Sea Chart of the North Sea by Capt. Greenville Collins which marks a pivotal point in British nautical history....

'In 1676 Collins was commissioned by Charles II, and appointed by Samuel Pepys (who was then Secretary to the Admiralty), to chart the coasts of Great Britain and he produced his Great Britain's Coasting Pilot in 1693, this was the first original sea atlas to be produced by an Englishman. '

Classic Boat feature for an antique Chart of the North Sea

Antique Maps website featured in Classic Boat magazine August 2011

August 2011
Third of adults 'use smartphone' Ofcom

One in three adults in the UK now uses a smartphone, according to a report by the telecoms regulator Ofcom.

Apple's iPhone was said to be the most popular brand. However, teenagers appeared to favour RIM's Blackberry devices.

The report notes that the increased uptake of smartphones has led to a dramatic rise in mobile internet use.

Facebook was the most visited website on handheld devices, with 43 million hours spent on it in December 2010.

On mobiles, it said that 58% of adult males owned a smartphone compared to 42% of females. Among teenagers the trend was reversed with 52% of girls using smartphones against 48% of boys.

Read full BBC article here

Mobile Internet use increases

May 2011 · Re- Design of Moor View Touring Park

A complete re-design of this well established touring park website. New graphics and colour scheme to bring the site into line with its sister business. Featuring all new 'What's On Diary' and other holiday attractions in Devon as well as two new slide shows showcasing the park and its surrounding area.

Edward and Liz, owners of Moor View Touring Park wanted to bring their existing website up to date and 'dove tail' with their other business featuring Log Cabin holidays. One of the most important aspects of the design brief was to maintain the existing, effective optimization and the current dominance of the site in search engine rankings.

Early customer feedback has been very positive.

Website Re-Design

March 2011: Re-Launch of Moorview Lodges

A complete re-design of the existing website an improved optimization sees a significant increase in visitors and a consolidation of the advance bookings.

Moorview Lodges specialize in log cabin holidays in a rural woodland setting, enjoying the peace and tranquility of South Devon with ready access to several market towns, unspoiled beaches and Dartmoor.

Holiday Industry website - Log Cabin Holidays in Devon

Affordable SEO ?

We can optimize your existing website to improve search engine rankings and bring more visitors, or a more effective solution may be to re-design using existing images and logo and integrate the optimization.

All new website design projects will be optimized to raise the profile of your business online and you can choose to subscribe to monthly optimization packages to keep you ahead of your competitors.


Latest News

September 2014 - Shed Bases - Unique British Design for Shed Foundations from SpeedBase Made in Britain

June 2014 - Ecommerce website for Mackgill's Delicatessen - Local South Devon Food

April 2014- New ecommerce website for Artisan Homes - Hand Made Furniture from Devon


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